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New Indian

Big Base Scout Cylinders

Indian last made these cylinders in 1948 in a run of 50 for racers. Those cylinders have reached

maximum bore limits and oversize pistons do not exist. Our new Big Base Scout engine parts are

100% made in USA. Sand cast from certified Grade 30 cast iron. We use all new programming and

fixturing for absolute perfection. CNC machined on our machining centers. Larger and thicker base flange and cylinder wall than original for more strength. (No more cylinder breakage due to sleeves.) Redesigned

and improved port design. Flow tested. Fits with original factory parts.  Cylinders are bare and unpainted, bore finished -.003 for hone to standard, valve seats roughed in, otherwise completely machined.

Custom modifications available at extra cost (ask).

$1,800 for pair


Manufactured for us by WISCO, these are the 
highest quality forged pistons available.
1mm top ring, 1.4mm second ring and 3 piece oil ring.
Coated skirt, complete with pin and wire locks.

$120 each
Standard bore only at this time.


We have just completed the molds and machining fixturing for the 
INDIAN sport scout manifolds
They are cast in silicon bronze and use the standard seals and nuts but are made for the following carburator options
Standard Scout 3 bolt Linkert  1 1/4"         $200
Harley 4 bolt Linkert  1 1/2"        $200
Mikuni 36 or 38mm        $175

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